Monday, August 9, 2010

Hatch is All Black

Ever since I discovered Hatch Outdoors, I have loved every thing about them. It was all sealed when I met John Torok, the president of Hatch. John is a great guy and knows his stuff, he also has great graphic design skill which I admire.

Anyways, I picked up a new reel last week. When they came out with the new color black, I knew exactly what I wanted.....all black. On another note, I was in a hurry and over powered my flash unit. It lead to my learning that black throws some kind of a strange glare/flare which is noticeable on the left side of both images. See it? I wonder what the cause is?


  1. Matt, I believe that glare (ghosting?) that kind of covers thievery left edge of the reel is actually light bouncing off the white background into the lens. The black reel doesn't have anythingnto do with it, I don't think. I get that every same problem when shooting portraits on white seamless when the background ligths are to hot.