Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Renting Photo Equipment

I leave for Alaska on Saturday. This time I won't be guiding, I'll be hosting a Tailwaters group to Unalakleet River Lodge for a week. I have photographed this river for 3 seasons while guiding and leading up to this trip, I wanted to add a piece of equipment to the list. Can't buy so I will rent.

I'm still debating on whether to go with a macro or a fisheye lens. On one hand, I want to capture certain scenes with that distinct warped look. On the other, I still have not gotten a shot I have wanted for a long time, a macro shot of a grayling dorsal fin. I have decided to go with www.borrowlenses.com I was surprised to see the amount of equipment they had to offer, especially their underwater housings.

When I return from AK, I'll let you all know how the rental experience went. I'm hoping for a good one...

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