Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hosted Trip: Loisiana Redfish

On February 15 I am hosting a group of 7 to Louisiana to chase the biggest Redfish in the world. We will be staying at The Woodland Plantation and will be fishing with Bryan Carter and his posse of guides. Although I will fish some, I plan to photograph more. When it comes to designing, which is all I do at Tailwaters, stock photography is key. It is always annoying when I have an idea floating around in my head, but I can't deliver because I lack good photography.

In this case, a "good" photo is one captured with design and layout in mind. Just as if you were shooting for a cover shot in a magazine, you need to have the subject placed correctly. Well, for design it is the same thing! When I go to Louisiana, and any other destination for that matter, I will always shoot with layout in mind. Where can I leave negative space in the photo to add a sexy text box? I need to shoot this photo with the subject placed correctly in order for me to achieve a gradient feather from left to right. I will of course shoot with publication in mind as well, but I will dedicate some of it for editorial use .

I have a growing list of shots that I want to get and will post it once I am done.

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