Friday, February 5, 2010

The Fly Photo Magazine: Issue #1 releases April 15, 2010!

With all the advancements in recent web tools, technology, ect., I have decided to approach marketing my photography with a more unique direction. Aside from photography, I spend a majority of my time as a graphic designer, so I figure I would put it to use in favor of myself. So, to the point...

Over the past 3 months I have slowly been designing a self promoting magazine which will be uploaded into an online page turner. This publication will be similar to that of This is Fly, and Catch Magazine only a bit shorter. I plan to add content related to all the destinations I travel to, with some other small stuff on the side. Originally I started out designing this to send out to editors and other potential clients to pick up work or sell photos. Throughout the process, it has slowly evolved into a short magazine. I am now creating this for everyone's viewing pleasure, in confidence that it will grow and create opportunity amongst others in the fly fishing/outdoor industry.

If it wasn't for my full time job, this would have been a two week project. I guess it doesn't matter though. I am twiddling my thumbs and making final touches until I travel to Louisiana to chase some bull redfish. This will be my closing story for the first issue of "The Fly Photo" magazine. I will attempt to make this a quarterly release, which solely depends on the content I can gather throughout the months in between. It would be great to bring in a section to feature another photographer looking to expose his/her work, or something along those lines. If you are interested in something like this, please email me here.

Issue #1 will consist of:
  • My latest season as a guide in Alaska with photos and a short intro of how I became a serious photographer
  • The wildest day I've ever had in Baja (as a photographer) with photos and short story
  • Upcoming trip to Louisiana with photos and short story

In addition to photos, I will include information about the gear I use, various prints that are for sale, photography tips, and other various goodies.

In oversight, this is just another fun project for me to work on in my spare time. The common phrase "practice makes perfect" is inspiration to me. For this project I will be able to continually practice my design, writing, and business skills. I hope that I can inspire other folks in the industry to take a hold of what they are good at and run with it. Please stay tuned for further updates and look for The Fly Photo magazine to be released on April 15, 2010!!

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