Sunday, December 5, 2010

A lot of my time browsing the internet is spent studying other photographers. I'm constantly studying photographers work to better improve mine. Inspiration is what drives and motivates me to be a better photographer myself.

I have many favorite photographers and today, I'll focus on one, Michael Clark. If I were to broaden the scope a bit, there is one main specialty these photographers have in common, adventure/action sports (surfing, trail running, rock climbing, ect.). To be honest, this is my ultimate dream job. Why not? These guys get to see the world and it's most remote locations. So, back to point.

Michael Clark is one of the top adventure sport photographers out there. I love checking his site out, studying his photos, trying to pick up anything to apply to my own photography. Here is a good piece to read...

Behind the Scenes - Michael Clark

Check his stuff out. Worth looking at.

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