Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Efficient Workflow: Creating Actions in Photoshop

Yesterday I had to go through and edit hundreds of dry, midge, and nymph photos. I have a routine for nearly every product photo I edit and I have done it so many times that it is fast and efficient. What slows me down the most though, is when I go to save the file, it throws me off when I have to run through the save process over and over. My solution is to create an action for saving files in certain locations. For example, with nymphs, I created a new action > hit record > save for web. I chose my folder named "nymphs" and click ok, and stopped the recording. Now, everytime I finish editing a nymph photo, I hit play and the my custom action will go through the save process with one click instead of 5. This may not be effective for a few photos, but when saving in bulk it will save time.

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